10 tips to enhance your intuition!

We all have intuitive abilities, and we can enhance our intuitive skills through awareness and practice. Here are 10 tips to develop your intuition further:
1. Learn how you receive intuitive information; do you pick up bodily feelings (‘gut-feelings’, goose-bumps), a hunch or thought, or use senses such as smell, sound or vision to tune into your intuition.
2. Make space for intuition in your life; for example, declutter your surroundings and your schedule, declutter your mind of stress and old thinking patterns, and practise self-care.
3. Connect with yourself and others; through being aware of what you value in life, connecting with your body, mind and spirit, focussing on balance, enjoying social connections and utilizing empathy.
4. Practise meditation and mindfulness, as inner stillness is important to connecting with your intuition.
5. Enhance your creativity as creativity and intuition enhance each other. Examples of creative activities are telling stories, dancing, reading and writing or playing music. What creative activities could you do?
6. Access you unconscious mind; intuition is related to the unconscious mind and we can access it through meditation, as well as understanding signs and symbols and dreams.
7. Tap into positivity; we know that positive emotions open us up to intuition, and we can cultivate these through kindness, gratitude and positive thinking.
8. Apply intuition in your everyday and working life; for example, through listening to your body, practicing more self-awareness, using meditation and applying intuition in decision-making.
9. Keep an intuition journal; journal your intuitive experiences and you will become more attuned to them. Journalling your dreams can also be useful.
10. TRUST your intuitive experiences and heart-felt knowledge.

For more information, see ‘Intuition Unlock the Power’, available from this website. I also facilitate intuition workshops regularly, so watch the workshop page or contact me cate.howell@gmail.com

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