Dr Cate will be facilitating “Interpersonal Therapy in Practice”, a 20-hour program has been developed to provide GPs and interested mental health professionals with an opportunity to learn practical skills in Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) to manage patients in their everyday practice.

IPT focuses on how interpersonal relationships affect the individual and their mental health, with particular focus on issues around grief, conflict and social support. The workshop will be informative and interactive. Working with common couple issues will also be addressed.

Level 2 or Focussed Psychological Strategies accreditation is currently being sought with the RACGP.

Who: GPs seeking FPS mental health accreditation (to claim FPS item numbers 2721 and 2725; applicable to items 170-172), or wanting to upskill or maintain mental health accreditation. Interested mental health professionals.

Where: Adelaide Friday 22 – Sunday 24 June, 2018.

Please send to Dr Cate via cate.howell@gmail.com or fax 08 85555880.

If you are ready to pay, we have set up a tab in the website shop – and now is a good time to take advantage of the early bird rate (until Feb 28th)!


Mindfulness for Change

Group program, facilitated by Dr Cate. Do you want to reduce stress or anxiety, improve mood, manage thoughts or feelings, or develop more self-compassion? Mindfulness is a skill that can assist you to make these changes in your life.

Join this group program, and we will explore the nature, science & practice of mindfulness, & its benefits for your daily life. You will learn a range of practical tools to enable you to utilise mindfulness, & to bring about the change you desire.

NEW COURSES PLANNED from February 2018. Please contact Dr Cate for more information (cate.howell@gmail.com).

Emotional Eating

Dr Cate is planning to run further workshop on Emotional Eating, based on her e-boook ‘Emotional Eating Learn to be Free!’. Watch here for dates and locations, or contact cate.howell@gmail with any queries.