A number of workshops and various types of training are available for health professionals, corporate groups and the community. Their main focus is on mental health and wellbeing. These workshops are not only informative but have a focus on interaction, skills development and fun!

In addition, Dr Cate is an accredited MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID AUSTRALIA INSTRUCTOR.  More information on this training can be found at www.mhfa.com.au or please contact Dr Cate via cate.howell@gmail.com.

Workshops for professionals and organisations include:

  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Workshops on  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Interpersonal Therapy  (IPT).
  • Mindfulness for Change / Mindfulness at Work
  • Hypnosis (‘understanding hypnosis’ & ‘next level hypnosis’)
  • Introduction to Positive Psychology, including Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • Understanding Intuition in practice
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating

Workshops for the community include:

  • 10 strategies to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Meditation and mindfulness / Mindfulness for Change in life
  • Achieving lifestyle change via a ‘health and wellbeing script’
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating: ‘Learn to be free’
  • Positivity Plus – enhance your wellbeing & resilience
  • Understanding Intuition and a model for enhancing your Intuition
  • Harnessing purpose and meaning

Note that workshops to be held shortly are outlined on the ‘current workshops’ page; and that workshops can be tailored to your workplace.

Also that Dr Cate has several online courses related to coping with stress and anxiety which may be of interest. (See ‘online courses’ under the workshops tab, or thumbnail on home page.)

Please contact Dr Cate at cate.howell@gmail.com for more information about any of these workshops.