Over the past 15 years, Dr Cate and her team have written and delivered many workshops to health professionals, corporate groups, and the public, in Adelaide and across Australia. The workshops are informative and interactive, with a focus on interaction, personal development and skills development.

Note that workshops to be held shortly are outlined on the ‘current workshops’ page.

Dr Cate Howell & Colleagues have a range of workshops for professionals and organisations including:

  1. Assessment and management of depression and anxiety
  2. Assessment and management of anxiety disorders
  3. Assessment and management of eating disorders
  4. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  5. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  6. Interpersonal Therapy Theory and Techniques
  7. Meditation and Mindfulness
  8. Hypnosis (‘understanding hypnosis’ & ‘next level hypnosis’)
  9. Introduction to Positive Psychology
  10. All about ‘Emotional Intelligence and Resilience’
  11. Developing your Creativity and Creative Thinking
  12. Understanding Intuition and steps to enhance your Intuition
  13. Emotional Eating ‘Learn to be free!’

Topics have included managing stress, working on work-life integration, and effective communication.  We are able to address mental health and the workplace, and also the latest in positive psychology and mindfulness in relation to work.

Dr Cate and colleague and friend, Dr Michele Murphy (Clinical Psychologist), often co-facilitate workshops. We have a new program called ‘Mind Yourself, Mind your Business’, which pulls together a range of ideas and tools about wellbeing, mindfulness, work-life integration, positivity, emotional intelligence and resilience to benefit the individual and the organization. Dr Cate’s new ‘Health and Wellbeing’ script can be utilised in these workshops, and assist in enhancing the individuals’ wellbeing and therefore performance.

Dr Cate and colleagues have run programs on change management (with a positive psychology influence), grief, intuition and the workplace, and developing your creativity. Workshops can be tailored to your workplace. Past workshops in relation to stress and communication have been written for unique organisations. A recent workshop covering journalling and expressive activities (art) was developed and run in Sydney at the request of the workplace, and was very well received.

Please contact Dr Cate if you would like to find out more!

Dr Cate and her team have delivered workshops to the public on the following topics:

  1. Managing stress and anxiety
  2. Meditation and mindfulness
  3. Hypnosis (understanding hypnosis)
  4. Positivity Plus – the latest in positive psychology
  5. Understanding intuition and steps to enhance it
  6. Finding your purpose
  7. Tapping into your creativity
  8. Emotional Eating

Please contact Dr Cate at cate.howell@gmail.com  for more information.