Hypnosis Training (face-face)

$164.88$329.76 (inc GST)

Dr Cate teaches hypnosis and hypnotherapy via two weekend workshops. This is a rare opportunity to gain solid training in hypnosis from a clinician who undertook 2 year training and has used hypnosis for over 30 years in practice.

The workshops are:

  1. Introduction to hypnosis – all the basics for effective and safe practice (about hypnosis and its use, inducing trance and working within hypnosis) to give you a firm foundation. Plus the use of hypnosis to reduce stress and anxiety and its application to behaviour change (e.g. quit smoking).
  2. Next level hypnosis – this builds on the introductory course (a prerequisite for this course), and focuses on a range of life and clinical issues and how hypnosis can specifically assist the client (e.g. sleep issues, pain, low self-worth, depression …). Dr Cate has the clinical experience to be able to assist you in applying hypnosis to whichever issues you want to consider.

The workshops are suitable for GPs, counsellors, mental health professionals, nurses and allied health practitioners. There is growing interest from other professionals who are perhaps looking for new directions in career. I am open to discussing the training with you.

Also, you don’t have to book in for both workshops at once – you can do the first workshop only or come back later to do the second. But you do need to have done Part 1 or an equivalent course to attend Part 2. Please be in touch with Dr Cate if you want to discuss.

NOTE: GP Registrars and post-graduate students can attend for half price. Not suitable for undergraduate students.

Please join me in 2024! (Face-face, all day Saturday, plus Sunday morning) at SACOSS, 47 King William Rd, Unley SA 5061

Introduction to Hypnosis: Adelaide April 20th and 21st, 2024

Next Level Hypnosis: Adelaide August 10th and 11th, 2024

For further details, please contact Dr Cate or 0417867815



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