Focused Psychological Strategies Skills Training: Interpersonal Therapy in Practice (via e-learning)

$497.70 (inc GST)

This 20-hour e-learning training aims to provide GPs and other health professionals with the skills and knowledge to incorporate strategies from Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) into practice. This evidence-based therapy can be helpful in managing depression and anxiety, and a range of other issues such as eating disorders. It is a very practical and skills-based approach and can be used in a shorter form or a longer form of therapy. IPT focuses on key areas such a dealing with transitions in life, loss and grief, interpersonal disputes or sensitivities.

For GPs wanting Focused Psychological Skills Training or CPD, this training has been accredited for the 2023-2025 triennium:

  • with the GPMHSC as Focused Psychological Skills training, &
  • with the RACGP as CPD (Educational Activity 11 hrs, Performance Review 9 hrs). 

There is currently a SUBSIDY from the GPMHSC covering the cost of this training. Please see,(Medicare)%20as%20FPS%20providers.

[NOTE: The course is not currently accredited for ongoing FPS-CPD. However, it will be considered by the GPMHSC – please discuss with Dr Cate.]

On completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish the perspectives and specific needs of consumers and carers to inform care.
  • Identify and utilise appropriate MBS item numbers relating to the provision of Focused Psychological Strategies in practice.
  • Demonstrate psycho-education and lifestyle measures to utilise with consumers and potentially carers.
  • Implement into practice the use of Interpersonal Therapy skills relevant to consumer needs as outlined in the GPMHTP.
  • Create comprehensive IPT treatment plans, appropriate to consumers experiencing particular mental health issues.

What: The training involves 10 hours of online modules; 8 hours of small group case discussions via Zoom; 1 hour Zoom interview with consumer and carer representatives; and 1 hour clinical supervision session.

You can join the course at any time, undertake the modules at your convenience, and then you can join in with the regular small group discussions.

TIME TO REGISTER to RESERVE YOUR PLACE by clicking on the tab below, completing your details and making the payment.

AND when you register, you will be posted a copy of Dr Cate’s book ‘Learning, Listening, Caring and Counselling’, which has information about IPT and its applications in it. 

For more information please contact Dr Cate via or call 0417867815.

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