“WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER”

   Learn how to reduce your stress so you can last the COVID 19 distance and come out of it with a greater sense of wellbeing.





How are you doing with COVID 19? Are you feeling stressed or uncertain? Do you find yourself carrying the load and looking after everyone else, but secretly thinking you can’t get through this?

If you feel this way you may find yourself not trusting in your own judgment, taking too much on or being harsh on yourself.

What if we could help you get through this using your own resources, and some new tools to cope with COVID 19.  And what if we could  help you be kinder to yourself along the way, and emerge with a greater sense of wellbeing?

How To Deal With Coronavirus Uncertainty & Anxiety, & Go Beyond COVID-19!

This 5 module online course will give you a 10 step framework on how to navigate the COVID 19 journey and recovery.

This course can be done in one day or you can spread it over 7 days or as long as you need.

Cost :  $97