Dr Cate has written a number of books which have been published in the main by Exisle Publishing, a New Zealand/Australian publisher. Several are available as paper books world-wide, and most as e-books. Two of the books have been co-authored.

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In short:

  • ‘The Changing Man A Mental Health Guide’, Exisle NSW (2020).
TCM imae






  • ‘Listening, Learning, Caring and Counselling The Essential Manual for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and other Healthcare Professionals on Caring for their Clients.’ Exisle NSW (2016).
LLCC image






  • ‘Intuition’, Exisle NSW (2013; 2019).
intuition image






  • ‘Emotional Eating Learn to be Free! A guide to living well and soothing yourself in ways other than food’ Exisle NSW. [Only available as an e-book from the shop on this website.]
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  • ‘Release Your Worries A guide to letting go of stress and anxiety’, Exisle NSW (2011).
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  • Keeping the blues away The 10 step guide to reducing relapse of depression’, Radcliffe UK (2010). [Out of print now, but occasional copies available online.]