Intuition Unlock the power!

I was recently interviewed on Adelaide radio about my new book on intuition. Some of the questions the announcer asked were “what is intuition”, “why did you choose to write about it”, “how can we use it in our lives”, and “can we develop it further”. All excellent questions, and in essence, the book is based on just these sorts of questions. In ‘Intuition, Unlock the power, I endeavor to explore the “who, what, when, where, how and why” of intuition.
Intuition is something that most people have experienced. Some people refer to intuition as a gut feeling, their inner voice or sixth sense. It is defined as an instinctive knowledge without conscious reasoning, or knowing without knowing how we know!
I became aware of the presence of intuition at an early age. My mother would tell me that her mother always seemed to know when people were going to drop in, or that a particular letter might arrive before it did. I also had my own experiences with intuition which made me more curious. I have learnt too that my intuition is strongest when I am relaxed and have time for mindful or creative activities. As a result, I have gradually utilised intuition more in my professional and personal life.
In the book I look at how philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, religion and spirituality view intuition, and I draw on research related to the use of intuition in the fields of health, teaching, business and counselling. I then focus on the ‘how’ of intuition and guide the reader through seven steps, based on themes from literature as well life experiences, to enhance the role of intuition in everyday life.
Here are the seven steps to enhance your intuition:
• Make space for intuition.
• Connect with yourself and others.
• Practise meditation and mindfulness.
• Enhance your creativity.
• Access you unconscious mind.
• Tap into positivity.
• Apply intuition in your everyday and working life.

Importantly, at the centre of these steps is trusting your heart-felt knowledge.
In ‘Intuition Unlock the power’, I also explore phenomena related to intuition, such as synchronicity (or coincidence) and premonitions. These are fascinating. A number of people I interviewed for the book shared their premonition experiences, and these were amazing. I share a few of my own too!
A key reason for the book was to explore the role of intuition in healing. I believe that with healing, we must respect rational knowledge but also harness our own deeper inner wisdom. I don’t think we fully understand the mind, but we know that there are different ways of knowing, and if tap into our heart-felt knowledge or intuition we can enrich our lives and the lives of others.

The book is available from this website (see shop), from the publisher Exisle, and all good book stores. It retails for $24.99.

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