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Welcome to our first blog! Where to start? Last night I pulled out a journal that I started writing last year looking for inspiration. I was teaching in Darwin at the time, and found the journal in a wonderful gallery – the cover is a copy of a traditional dot painting and is all blues and violet. Just the cover inspires me. I have only written in it irregularly, but even so it now contains snippets of information, reflections or sayings that mean something to me. Journaling is a wonderful way to express, reflect and create.

Inside the journal, I have included some lists of what I am grateful for – a good way of tapping into positive feelings. Isn’t it interesting how people (or pets), nature, and the simple things in life are often at the top of the list! Writing a list once a week has been shown to lift mood. What are you grateful for today? One thing I am grateful for is my love of writing.

Just now I am finishing a new book on intuition. Recently I came across some wonderful writing on intuition in the creative process. Intuition enhances our creativity, and vice versa! We may be creative in how we think or what we do. Are you a writer, painter, cook or gardener? Have you ever had the experience of thinking about an issue, sleeping on it, and waking up in the morning with a solution in mind? This relates to our capacity to have creative insights. Intuition can assist us to solve problems or to choose the best path forward.

Writing a blog is like journaling in a way, and I can see that it is an opportunity to be creative. I have some wonderful people working with me, and we will do our best to create some useful and inspiring blogs. Topics might include achieving your goals, lifting mood, enhancing positivity, managing stress, developing self-compassion, overcoming relationship issues, or tapping into your creativity and intuition!

In our clinical work, teaching and writing, we are interested in a range of philosophies and approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. We believe in a holistic approach, with the client at the centre of care, working towards their goals. Fundamental to any therapy is connecting to the client and creating a therapeutic relationship.

Connecting is also fundamental when teaching or writing. This is why we are also interested in the idea of co-creating with you, so please let us know your ideas of topics we can explore together.

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