Dr Cate Howell and Colleagues have a clinic in Goolwa, South Australia. A range of therapeutic services are offered, including counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and massage, all tailored to suit the individual. Note that Cate is seeing a limited number of clients in Melbourne, Victoria for hypnotherapy only, and is working with some individuals via skype.

Unfortunately, Dr Howell is currently not able to take on new clients at the Goolwa / Adelaide practice, but continues with past clients, and other excellent clinicians are available for new clients in Goolwa.

Dr Cate and colleague, Heather Sheppard, are also able to provide phone or Skype life coaching sessions. Dr Cate and Heather can assist you to identify directions to take in your life, or guide you in how to move towards general life goals. Dr Cate draws on general life/health coaching principles and practices, and is able to draw upon ideas from a range of therapies which can assist. Heather has a background in holistic counselling and coaching, and has a supportive and positive approach towards helping you move towards your goals. Please see the shop tab – ‘consults/coaching’ or contact Dr Cate for further information. 

We welcome Asher Neate, Counsellor who completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Addiction Studies (graduated 2015), and a recent Diploma of Counselling (graduated 2018): “I am confident in my abilities to assist those experiencing mental health issues with particular focus on anxiety, stress, grief and loss, as well as developmental issues. Using a variety of therapies and techniques, including CBT, ACT, IPT and Narrative therapy, I am able to apply the foundations to facilitate autonomy for individuals while also providing support.”


Psychologist: Kristie Scudds

Counsellor & Psychotherapist: Rhea Bergmann

Counsellor: Asher Neate

Counsellor/coach: Kath McIntyre, Heather Sheppard

Bowen Therapy: Sindy Creen

For more information about Cate Howell & Colleagues please contact Dr Cate via cate.howell@gmail.com or call her on 0417867815.