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Dealing with feeling depressed or anxious during the post-natal period

17 June 2016

New mothers and fathers naturally expect the time around childbirth to be a very happy time. However, it is a time of great change in our lives, and there... ...read more

Understanding Health Anxiety

14 June 2016

Anxiety comes in many shapes and forms, and surfaces at times when we think something bad is about to happen to us. It is a survival instinct that is... ...read more

Teenagers and Depression

12 April 2016

Teenage depression isn’t just the occasional bad mood or emotional outburst – it’s a serious illness that can have an enormously negative impact on many aspects of a teenager’s... ...read more


2 March 2016

‘The heavens rejoice in motion’ (John Donne) Activity or occupation is central to life. Our daily routine, our work and leisure time involve activities. Activity provides us with routine,... ...read more

Tips For Dealing with Procrastination

14 February 2016

Tips for dealing with Procrastination Procrastination is the thief of time — Edward Young What is Procrastination? Procrastination, or putting things off, is a form of avoidant behaviour that we... ...read more


Journaling – A Powerful Life Tool!

18 January 2016

“We write in order to understand” – C. D. Lewis A journal, or diary, is a personal record of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Keeping a journal is an ancient practice.... ...read more