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Journaling – A Powerful Life Tool!

18 January 2016

“We write in order to understand” – C. D. Lewis A journal, or diary, is a personal record of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Keeping a journal is an ancient practice.... ...read more

Christmas – 2015

19 December 2015

Well, it has been quite a year, and now Christmas now close. I wonder how you are feeling about it? I heard a client say today, “I’ll be glad... ...read more


How to bring more positivity to your life!

29 October 2015

Discussion of mental health often centres around the negative: disordered thinking, behaviour and feeling. While it’s important to deal with these issues, people are often left thinking “there must be more to... ...read more

Connect with kindness today!

24 August 2015

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop Kindness can assist others and lift your own spirits. Not only does it feel good, there is... ...read more

Recent events: loss, grief and trauma

15 July 2015

I was asked to speak on Radio FIVEaa recently about loss, grief and trauma following the death of a well-known South Australian. The community was hit hard by his... ...read more

Help is at hand for Eating Disorders

22 April 2015

My last blog was about eating issues and included some general information about the different types of Eating Disorders (EDs). This blog provides some information about treatment of EDs.... ...read more